game instruction

Eye for a Tooth

player A looks at player B and does two things: – names a part of the body “this is my e.g. nose” – at the same time points at that part or NOT If A says and points to the e.g. nose – B clapps hands once. If A says nose and points at e.g. … Continue reading

Free Play

This is a really nice book by Stephen Nachmanovitch on free play, improvisation and creativity in all things.

The Science: The States of Play This page (from the link above to the National Institute for Play in California) presents descriptions of many of the elemental forms of play – “patterns of play.” Like the periodic table of the elements organizes all matter into an understandable framework for chemistry students, this page presents seven patterns of play – that … Continue reading

Nothing lights up the brain like play

‘There is loads of really interesting research about the value of play’ – Stuart Brown quote from his Ted Talk . There was a conference in the US in 2012 on the value of play at all ages – video presentations of the links below:  

Thanks for playing

Our time was up, it was lunch time and everyone around us was focusing on food, so we rolled up the board games just as the rains started again – Perfect timing!

Memories of play

Here are some of the memories of play that we were told throughout the day: Hopscotch: Everyone remembered hopscotch, especially older people, but had different versions. One Scottish lady said they played hopscotch in a square formation – that’s one I’ve never played! Very few people had played snail shaped hopscotch but the kids were … Continue reading

Replay event 21st April 2012

Having drawn games on our mobile blackboards we headed out to Grand Parade to Celebrate Play, a little worried about the threat of rain washing away all our efforts! But the sun soon came out and we set up our pop-up playground near the street market. With hangman, wordsearch, x’s and o’s, draughts and a … Continue reading

DIY Advertising

We headed out with jumbo chalk at the ready! No surface was safe 😉 Eilis is a natural chalkster. Chalk is brilliant – except when it rains! We had to re-do a few of our ‘ads’. The bridge to Grand Parade was a perfect advertising board.